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Downstream Operations
CPC promotes natural gas as the fuel of the future, in keeping with Taiwan’s policy aim of energy
and convenience that allows for safe handling. A new era of clean energy for Taiwan was ushered in with the
phase expansion project was completed in December 1996, boosting the capacity to 4.5 million tons annually; A third-phase expansion project to satisfy demand from independent power producers (IPP) as well as consumer and industrial end-users in northern Taiwan commenced in July 1996. In addition to terminal-area expansion, this involved laying a 36-inch diameter, 238 km long undersea pipeline from the Yongan plant to Tongxiao. Its completion in December 2002 expanded CPC’s annual LNG handling capacity to 7.44 million tons.
    Constructing a business network that increases operation capacity
and household users in central and northern Taiwan, CPC built a LNG receiving terminal sited close to Taichung’s Port West Pier 13 and the hinterland, with capacity of three million tons; three LNG storage tanks each of 160,000 kiloliter capacity; gasification and gas supply facilities; and a 135-kilometer, 36-inch sea long-distance gas transportation pipeline from Taichung Harbor through the Tongxiao distribution center to the Datan metering plant. This plan was launched on July 13, 2009. The recently-completed Taichung LNG Terminal Phase II Investment Project calls for the construction of three additional 160,000 kiloliter above-ground storage tanks, plus another                   Wuxi Separation Station; and a further switching station linked to the existing 26-inch pipeline at the Wuxi site. The project will boost the annual LNG handling capacity of the Taichung terminal to over six million tons and ensure a stable, dependable supply of natural gas during the winter’s often inclement monsoon period, as well as and partly because of greater storage capacity in terms of the number of days’ supply of LNG on hand.
Currently, Taiwan government policies to phase out nuclear power plants and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions mandate 50% of Taiwan’s total electricity to come from natural gas by 2025. To help reach this target, CPC will lease Wharves 11 and 12 and their associated facilities from the Port of Taichung to create the Taichung LNG Terminal’s second dedicated LNG-unloading wharf. Execution of its Phase III expansion module                are expected to improve the unloading energy and gas supply stability upon completion.
   Natural gas transmission and distribution system comprised of
2,226 kilometers of terrestrial trunk
Total domestic sales of natural gas in 2022
26.54 billion cubic meters

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