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Downstream Operations
Building the Guantang LNG Terminal, ensuring a comprehensive gas supply system
In compliance with government policies to phase out nuclear power plants and to create an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon environment, CPC plans to set up three gas-fired generating units at Datan Power Station. To generate abundant energy for Datan Power Station, the commodity sectors in the north and other customers of the power station, CPC plans to set up a third LNG terminal in Kuantang Industrial Centre, comprising reception facilities which can hold up to three million metric tons of import quantum, two LNG storage tanks each of 160,000               system.
CPC’s Third LNG Receiving Terminal project got under way in 2016 and is currently scheduled to come on stream in June 2025. In the future, with the three terminals-one each in northern, central and southern Taiwan-supplying natural gas to users in their respective areas, there should be some reduction in the cost and risk of transmitting gas over long distances.             the safety and stability of gas supply through its transfer and backup functions. The completion of this third LNG receiving terminal project will enable CPC to construct and operate a national level natural gas supply system that is fully functional, stable and safe.
Towards net zero, introducing carbon-neutral LNG
LNG cargo since 2020. To ensure the credibility of the net zero products, high quality nature- based carbon credits have been used to offset the overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the relevant LNG cargo, including exploration, transmission, liquefaction, shipping,                            be an alternate net-zero solution for our downstream customers in Taiwan.

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