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 In order to comply with the “Capacity of Self-provided Storage Tanks for Natural Gas Production or Import Enterprises” revised on August 27, 2019, and the requirements to increase the number of storage tank capacity days and business inventory days year-on-year, CPC will continue with the Taichung Receiving Terminal New Pier & Terminal Expansion exterior Taichung Harbor Investment Project (which will add four above-ground full-capacity 180,000 kiloter LNG storage tanks, gasification facilities, and two LNG-unloading wharves and other related facilities). After completion of the land reclamation of the North Reclamation Area (III) and the South Reclamation Area (IV)-2, the Nanti Rd.-crossing pipelines will connect to the existing plant area to support each other. It is expected that after the completion at the end of 2028, the overall equipment utilization rate can be reduced and the gas supply stability and safety can be improved. In addition, it is planned to build LNG receiving terminal in the second area of Dalin Petrochemical Oil Storage and Transportation Center (second phase of Intercontinental),               facilities and the gas transmission pipeline. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2031.Yong-An LNG receiving terminal can be back by Intercontinental LNG receiving terminal. So the equipment utilization rate of Yong-An LNG receiving terminal can be reduced, and improve the stability of gas supply.
CPC has constructed an extensive natural gas transmission and distribution system on Taiwan’s western side. It comprises approximately 2,226 kilometers of terrestrial trunk pipeline, extending from Pingtung in the south to Keelung in the north; and which includes eight supply centers, one transfer center and 50 distribution stations along its length. Current plans are centered on the goal of constructing interlocking ring-shaped networks to produce a figure-of-eight configuration. This will involve laying down a 238-kilometer undersea pipeline from the Yongan LNG Terminal to Tongxiao and a 500-kilometer terrestrial pipeline onwards from Yongan to Taoyuan. In addition, after the 36-inch undersea gas pipeline from the Taichung LNG plant to Datan power station has come on stream, it will be linked with terrestrial pipelines in central and northern Taiwan to             transmission network.

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