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Downstream Operations
  Gas and charging stations offering comprehensive services
The multi-service business model for gas stations comprises the provision of car-washing, quick maintenance, CUP&GO coffee, on-site convenience stores, and the sale of superior-quality products. In response to the green energy policy, we are actively developing charging and swapping stations for electric vehicles. We have met the goal of building one thousand stations by the end of 2022. As of 2022, there are 273 stations offering car washing services, 66 stations offering quick maintenance                 exceeded NT$1.36 billion. In particular, CPC intake valve cleaners for cars and diesel vehicles sold 2.44 million bottles, while the sales of eco-friendly laundry detergent and dishwashing detergent reached 1.21 million bottles. Holiday gift boxes set a sales record of 186,000 boxes, and more than 1.22 million cups                 services have been recognized by customers.
Regarding customer service, in 2000, CPC set up the 0800-036-188 customer hotline to coordinate the handling and response of customer issues after integrating various professional services provided by different internal units. The 1912 CPC service hotline came into use in 2011; an English-language service was added in 2020, a Taiwanese-language service in 2021, and a Hakka service in 2022, expanding the company's communication with the public.

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