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    Optimizing services with diverse and mobile payment
In terms of gas station operation, CPC is unquestionably the market leader by virtue of offering the consumers superior-quality services across the board that differentiate CPC from its competitors. The company has leveraged its service advantage by implementing total customer experience management which has created and maintained a culture of hygiene of lavatories, vigorously promoted VIP membership cards, introduced new business lines and services in line with contemporary trends, and reinforced customer relationship management. CPC has taken the lead in offering card-based self-service refueling as a means of lowering operating costs and                a multi-service business model featuring a diversity of offerings, the company has boosted non- operating income by strengthening cross-industry alliances.
Because of the popularity of mobile payments, CPC introduced and promoted contactless payment (Near-field Communications, NFC) in June 2018. To optimize the mobile payment program, CPC’s own payment tool, CPC Pay, was released on November 12, 2019. It can be considered a pioneer of an app exclusively designed for making mobile payments at gas stations. CPC Pay combines diverse functions, such as payment, member services, special offers, and             
To provide customers with a variety of ways to pay, since July 15, 2020, CPC gas station customers can use six third-party payment services for e-payment transactions at the full-service areas: LINE Pay, iPASS MONEY, Pi Mobile Wallet, JKOPay, O’Pay, and GAMA PAY. CPC Pay has allowed users to add VISA/MasterCard/JCB credit cards since December 29, 2020, to make payments. It has been optimizing the features of CPC Pay. With CPC Pay promotional campaigns,                  Taiwan.
Following the government’s mobile payment policy, the company allowed Taiwan Pay (debit card/debit account only) since March 31, 2021. CPC also installed wireless barcode readers in gas stations so that customers could make payments without stepping out of their cars, making it more convenient.

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