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 18 Downstream Operations
CPC’s marketing of refined petroleum products in its domestic market primarily focuses on the
in Taiwan totaled 16.59 million kiloliters in volume and generated approximately NT$ 421.8 billion in revenue. Automotive gasoline accounted for the largest share at around 50.1%, followed by diesel at about 26.8%, fuel oil at about 14.3%, and aviation fuel at approximately 8.8%.
Plastics Group, and competition has grown increasingly intense. CPC has worked hard at leveraging the advantage of its marketing network and protecting its market share by consolidating its gas station network. Of the 2,519 stations operating in Taiwan at the end of 2022, CPC and other parties directly ran 623, and 1,302 were privately owned by CPC franchisees, adding up to 1,925. Their sales as a part of the total market volume break down as 79.6% gasoline, 77.2% diesel, 96.4% fuel oil, and 60.3% aviation fuel, with the overall market share being 77.5%.
Storage and transportation network meets the requirements of all areas
In terms of storage and transportation, CPC not only runs its own gas stations, but also operates aviation fueling stations at all of Taiwan’s airports: Songshan, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Hualien, Taitung, Kinmen, and Penghu. Around the coast, it has marine bunkering stations for international vessels at Keelung, Suao, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hualien ports.
As of the end of 2022, CPC operated 13 product distribution centers located country-wide at Keelung, Shimen, Taichung, Taichung Harbor, Wangtian, Minxiong, Tainan, Fengde, Qiaotou, Suao, Hualien, Huxi, Kinmen and Matsu. They supplied products to gas stations in their surrounding areas with a total of 18,732,000 kiloliters of products over the year. CPC has three chemical analysis centers/petroleum laboratories in Keelung, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, plus six testing laboratories, which test products for quality control, and altogether these handled 31,288 samples in 2022. The transportation department transported 11,825,000 kiloliters of oil in 2022; the total distance covered was 40,642,000 kilometers.
2022 Proportion of each oil product/ sales revenue
Automotive 50.1% gasoline
14.3% 8.8%
Fuel oil
Aviation fuel

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