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                             continuity in operations and to prevent harm to employees, local communities, and the property of local people. Apart from compliance with Taiwan’s relevant laws and regulations, CPC has also drafted – and strictly enforces – its own safety and loss prevention protocols by reference to those of advanced countries in Europe, the United States, and Japan. Such protocols have been suitably        
Enhancing occupational safety management with risk control as a priority
Industrial safety is the key to the continued sustainable future of CPC. To achieve the 100%
  industrial safety goal, with no accidents at all, CPC has constantly and actively strengthened its safety culture by implementing a policy based on safety disciplines, “All staff safety awareness, risk management, and health care.” CPC’s industrial safety performance has been recognized by broader society; it also often receives the annual Excellence in Organizational and Personnel Promotion of Occupational Safety and Health award from Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor.
The company has continued to raise awareness of issues to both its employees and external vendors in the interest of creating a safe and comfortable working environment through a collective effort. In line with its emphasis on a culture of industrial safety, CPC is putting particular effort to focus on the following points:
  • Implementation of the Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (TOSHMS) and continuous improvement concerning its operational environment. CPC received ISO45001 reversion verification, aligning with international norms. To reinforce industrial safety practice mandates, CPC has established inspection and auditing teams to go onto construction sites for unscheduled on-site inspection and auditing, and to set out the “Management procedures for safety and health of contractors” and the “Guidance on safe work permit.” CPC has also established a contractor evaluation system to urge the implementation of self-management and reduce occupational accidents among their employees on CPC sites.
• In conjunction with the implementation of occupational safety laws, CPC conducts periodic reviews of industrial safety and health rules and continuously reviews and revises standard operating procedures.
• CPC is strengthening industrial health management protocols, scheduling regular employee health checkups, analyzing and tracking those health checkup results, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and emphasizing the importance of employees’ mental health.
• CPC is implementing risk management and process safety management (PSM) and establishing equipment safety management processes – a periodic, regular, thorough inspection of oil tanks and pipelines and the installation of monitors and leak detection systems along their extended sections.
•             response teams, and ensuring that personnel, facilities, and emergency response and rescue                  disasters.
• CPC is implementing on-site safety inspections with graded results, continuously improving systems, equipment, and implementation by observing their preparedness and raising awareness of the importance of industrial safety disciplines.
• CPC is empowering industrial safety inspections team with senior managers using “management by walking around,” professional industrial safety inspections, pre-operational industrial safety             the information system until remedial improvements have been completed.
• Planning and executing health and safety training and awareness programs, developing and providing online study courses, establishing an industrial safety test-question database, and compiling and publishing industrial accident case study-based teaching materials.
•               response drills, and emergency simulations to strengthen contingency and disaster prevention capacity are regularly conducted. In 2022, CPC conducted 345 disaster prevention drills, including six no-warning emergency response drills and four large-scale emergency response drills.

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