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 As electric vehicles become more popular, the automotive lubricant market is shrinking. Thus, marine engine oil has become a new focus for the Lubricants Business Division. CPC now has more than 70 products that have received critical international certification, recognized by companies including MAN ES, WinGD, Wartsila, YANMAR, J-ENG, MTU, Bosch Rexroth, and Parker Denison. The Lubricants Business Division won the Best Product Award from the National Brand Yushan Award for four consecutive years (2019 to 2022). CPC lubricants won the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award in the Lubricant subcategory, and in 2022 won the highest accolade of the Platinum Award. These honors show that CPC lubricant products are widely recognized worldwide.
SOLVENTS & CHEMICALS ─ Responding to growing demands and expanding the export business
CPC Solvent & Chemical Business Division was established in April 1999. It mainly produces
Chiayi plant. The Division outsources the production of specialty coatings to a producer in Kaohsiung. In terms of sales, its four major product lines include asphalt, solvents, chemicals, additives, and coating for storage tanks and pipeline equipment.
The asphalt products the Division produces are high-quality, have a good reputation, and are mainly used for domestic pavement projects. In 2022, it took about 55% domestic market share. In               adapt to high temperatures and wet weather, and it has invested in new asphalt storage tanks in recent years to enhance its asphalt production and storage system further and improve domestic road quality.
Solvents produced by the Division include Aliphatic Hydrocarbon solvents, aromatics solvents, dearomatized aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, toluene, mixed xylene, and various products in small packages. Thanks to its sound development capabilities and technologies, complete transport and storage system, and the quality of its premium products, the Division had about 58% market share in 2022. It is the market leader in the domestic petroleum solvents industry.
Chemicals produced by the Division include normal paraffin, octene dimate, methanol, and
raw material, but it has also been exported to China, India, the U.S., and some European countries during the COVID-19 pandemic, successfully expanding its business territory by satisfying the needs of different international customers with adjustments to the product ingredients.
To meet processing needs and occupational safety and environmental regulations, CPC has developed its own additives and specialty coatings to meet the maintenance and operational needs of                           won the National Brand Yushan Award for Best Product.
CPC has actively integrated the sales channels of its specialty chemicals and solvent products, refined its services to improve its product quality and image, and has committed itself to the development of new green products and new business in the pursuit of sustainable development, in line with the international community’s continuing push for carbon-reduction.

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