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  CPC’s Sustainable Operation Policy and Practice
• Practice comprehensive clean manufacturing methods to protect the environment. •           
• Establish indicators for environmental protection while maintaining transparency.
• Actively research and develop products while expanding new areas of business. • Comply with both Taiwan’s national regulations and international protocols.
CPC Corporation Taiwan established the Sustainable Operation Promotion Committee in 2005, a core driver for sustainable operation. The CPC chairman serves as the committee chair; the president serves as the vice chair, while the vice president in charge of business management serves as the executive secretary. Other executives, external experts, and scholars serve as committee members. Together, the committee reviews the sustainability issues affecting business operations and stakeholder interest.
The committee aims to achieve sustainable operation with tangible actions, constantly creating value for stakeholders; therefore, the committee categorized issues concerning sustainable operation into four parts: environmental and ecological conservation, social, social care, policies, and R&D, and environmental accounting & information. Execution groups for each category were created, formulating action plans and monitoring progress. Members of the execution groups come from various departments
within the company, which makes resource integration and strategy and action plan
implementation more effective.
In 2022, CPC Sustainable Operation Promotion Committee convened three meetings and voted on several sustainability proposals. The CPC president intermittently reports to the Board of Directors on the progress and effectiveness
of the sustainable operation endeavors.
2022 Milestones and Honors Milestones:
• Ventured into space and satellite industry, and developed the innovative optical payload composite cylinder and high-pressure fuel tank/valve and pipe coating.
• Released the Net Zero by 2050 Best Practices Report with the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT), heading towards Net Zero emission by 2050.
• 2022 Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards (ACES): Sustainability Award – Top Sustainability Advocates in Asia.
• 2022 Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA): Social Empowerment category, Green Leadership category, and Health Promotion category.
• 2022 Global Corporate Sustainability Awards (GCSA): Sustainability Reporting (English) – Silver Class.
• 2022 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA): Corporate Sustainability Report Award (Chinese):               Development, Growth through Innovations, Climate Leadership, Sustainable Water Management, and Gender Equality.
• 2022 Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards (TSAA): Gold award: CPC Net Zero and Sustainable Transformation Acceleration Plan; Silver award: CPC Overseas Sustainable Track; and Bronze award: CPC gas stations, going to the toilet is easy.
• British Standards Institution (BSI): Sustainability and Resilience Pilot Award.
• Global Views Monthly’s Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG Award: First prize in the Education and
Promotion category: CPC Guarding Slow-Flying Angels, Spreading their Wings to Fly project.
• 19th National Brand Yushan Award: seven awards, including First Prize of the Best Product Award, Best        

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