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   Passing on experience and cultivating professional talents
Since CPC recently hired new employees,
on-the-job training is now combined with
formal skills development courses. Senior
employees are also designated as mentors to
help new colleagues adapt to their workplace
and responsibilities. These new employees are
rotated, with job training provided, allowing
them to gain experience in various positions
and develop their talent at every level. Seniority
requirements for promotion have been
shortened for outstanding managers, lowering
the age distribution in the upper management
echelons and thus helping to motivate those
with ambition. Concerning employee training,
each department reviews its professional-
skill shortfalls at the beginning of the year and
formulates a corresponding training plan in
which outstanding personnel are recruited as
instructors and tasked with passing on their
operational knowledge and experience. Some departments also make on-site training arrangements for their junior employees, which last up to a year, depending on departmental needs. Following the e-learning trend, various knowledge elements and physical courses have also been digitized and uploaded to CPC’s knowledge base and e-learning center. This helps CPC preserve, share, and pass on core knowledge, techniques, and experiences, and facilitates the company’s value-adding applications. With the application of digital technology, multiple learning programs based on virtual-physical technology integration are developed step-by-step to help employees learn related knowledge and expertise anytime, anywhere.
The CPC Training Center (CPCTC) in Chiayi serves as an incubator for internal talent and a hub for passing on experience. It is also tasked with building a talent pool of energy and petrochemical expertise. In compliance with the government’s energy policy and the Energy Consumption, Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, and Digital Transformation strategies, CPC has recruited not only professional talent with engineering, investment, trading, and management backgrounds for these business activities, but also expanded domestic and overseas government-industry-university-institute collaboration, and actively formulated various courses in pre-employment                   and petrochemical talents for our country.
A friendly environment that ensures gender equality
performance, individual contribution, and KPIs, and assigns the employee welfare committee to organize welfare and entertainment activities. Also, all employees are covered by national health insurance, public servant insurance, labor insurance, group life insurance, and casualty insurance. CPC also provides consolation and compassionate payments for work-related injuries, disability, or death, guaranteeing the welfare of CPC employees.
Employees of all business units have access to clinics, employee cafeterias, libraries, and general stores in their vicinity. CPC also offers sports facilities, including swimming pools, ball courts, and gyms. Furthermore, CPC offers scholarships and college tuition fee loans for employees’ children; medical subsidies for employees and dependents; wedding, funeral, and retirement subsidies for employees; and interest-free emergency loans. CPC also sponsors employee group activities from ball games, bridge, chess, mountain climbing, swimming,             
Regarding employee assistance programs, CPC offers various services to help employees resolve and prevent problems affecting their performance and motivate employees at work. CPC enhances the organization’s competitiveness by implementing multiple health promotion measures, creating a caring work environment, and building a friendly, communicative business culture.
Additionally, CPC is dedicated to promoting gender equality and implementing relevant measures to build an inclusive workplace. CPC will continue to increase the number of female employees, breaking gender stereotypes in the industry and achieving gender equality. In 2022, CPC won the 20th Golden Carnation Awards for its “Women at CPC, happy enterprise and friendly workplace” project. The recognition is proof of the CPC’s commitment to gender equality.

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