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Human Resources
People-centered values, leading the company forward
As of the end of 2022, CPC had 16,682 employees. To fully develop their potential, CPC provides long-term training and career guidance, while at the same time making both incentives and              development with talented people of outstanding ability.
Integration of talent selection and training, investing in what the business needs
Regarding human resource utilization, CPC has recently engaged in organizational and process reengineering and formulating and carrying out a policy whereby selected employees are rotated through different jobs, units, and departments to use their human capital effectively. It has also actively recruited a cohort of young professionals to inject new blood and provide a smooth transfer of technical and operational knowledge, as well as commercial and competitive skills, to increase the competitiveness of its employees and prepare for a wave of retirements.
In addition to using professional qualifications and personal traits as the basis for selecting entrants to its supervisors, CPC provides management and leadership development training to help its employees achieve their full potential and contribute to accomplishing corporate growth objectives. At the same time, the company is strengthening its on-the-job training programs at all levels and has integrated existing training systems into establishing the CPC Corporate University (CPCCU). This system offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses in exploration,               has systematically enhanced specific professional expertise for employees through experiences passed on by senior employees, which has helped them develop a broader range of skills to optimize workforce utilization. The company also encourages its employees to take national qualification examinations in skills and allows them to obtain professionally-required certification in industrial safety, environmental protection, and other relevant disciplines. The company is also strengthening its secondary-skill training programs in its corporate transformation process. Beyond this, employees are selectively sent abroad for higher education, research assignments, and internships, and to participate in conferences and seminars on various topics.

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