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Industrial Safety & Health
In addition to regularly surveying algal reef ecology, CPC has completed habitat restoration for little terns since 2019. CPC has worked with the Wild Bird Society of Taoyuan and the             17%-30% to 68% recently. In 2022, the reproduction success rate for little terns in Taoyuan increased to 72%, which shows that CPC has spared no effort in ecological conservation. The company’s partnership with environmental organizations has yielded tangible, fruitful results.
Significant reduction of greenhouse gases and carrying out climate risk assessments
Taiwan’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act was formally promulgated on July 1, 2015. CPC has set goals to reduce greenhouse gases in compliance with national policies, and it continues to monitor its emissions by calculating its greenhouse gas inventory. To achieve the national goal of long-term greenhouse emissions reduction, CPC introduced the ISO 14064-1 system in 2004 to calculate its greenhouse gas inventory, actively implemented its energy-saving carbon emission reduction plan, and set targets and timelines for carbon emission reduction for its existing plants. CPC has also imposed reduction measures according to the reduction plan using clean fuel, clean production, equipment efficiency improvement, energy saving, and waste reduction. In recent years, CPC has used the latest technology to                             

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