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 Optimizing refining procedures to meet emission standards
The Environment Protection Administration, (EPA) called for reductions in the sulfur content of gasoline and diesel fuel to under 10ppmw, of the aromatic hydrocarbon content                   18 vol%, by 2011. By 2008, CPC had constructed a 30,000 barrels per day pyrolysis gasoline hydro-desulfurization unit at the Taoyuan Refinery, a 20,000 barrels per day pyrolysis gasoline hydrodesulfurization unit at the Dalin Refinery by 2009; and a 40,000              a pyrolysis gasoline production unit with 18,000-barrel-per-day output was moved from the        
CPC began increasing its heavy oil conversion rate by constructing an RFCC unit with
and began volume production in 2013. CPC completed testing of the alkylation plant with a capacity of 14,000 barrels per day and began volume production in mid-2013; its operation has increased the value of our product and improved gasoline quality. In addition, to cope with the problem of acidic gas generated in the production process and to reduce polluting emissions, CPC has invested in the construction of a sulfur plant with a daily output of 250              
The No.3 Residual Oil Hydro-desulfurization Unit at the Dalin Refinery was also
procurement and stabilizing the quality of the RFCC unit's feedstock. The revamped unit began operation in March 2017, increasing production to 40,000 barrels daily.
To cope with the consequences of the Kaohsiung Refinery closure, the Dalin
oil distillation unit (CDU), a 50,000 barrels per day condensate fractionating unit (CFU), a 40,000 barrels per day diesel hydro-desulfurization (DHDS); unit and a 30,000 barrels per day kerosene hydro-desulfurization (KHDS) unit. These units completed performance testing and began mass production in 2018, eliminating concerns of raw materials                development of Taiwan’s petrochemical industry. With the completion of that expansion                               600,000 barrels per day.

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