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 14 Downstream Operations
 Bearing the Responsibility of Maintaining a Stable Domestic Supply
As Taiwan’s domestic production of crude oil yields only extremely low volumes, CPC needs to import
maximize procurement on long-term contracts and diversify its sources of crude.
Crude oil imports reached 138.69 million barrels in 2022: 45.31% from the Middle East, 43.72% from the USA, and 9.06% from Africa. In recent years, low-sulfur crude oil makes up some crude oil imports to meet the more stringent environmental laws.
To import crude oil, CPC has installed offshore mooring pontoons to unload large oil tankers at Shalun in Taoyuan and at Dalinpu in Kaohsiung. The company has also built dedicated loading/unloading berths for tankers in the ports of Kaohsiung, Taichung and ShenAo.
Improving quality and offering better products
                                                                    million kiloliters of gasoline, 2.217 million kiloliters of aviation fuel, 5.964 million kiloliters of diesel, 1.899 million kiloliters of fuel oil, and 367 kilotonnes of LPG.
                             was expanded to meet domestic demand. Petrochemical materials supply was made up by the New-No.3 Naphtha Cracker in Linyuan and by imports.
Given the public’s concern for the quality of life, Taiwan’s standards of environmental protection are increasingly stringent. At the same time, the demand for oil-derived products is growing more diverse.                                             aromatic hydrocarbon extraction units to improve production and to offer domestic consumers even better products.
Middle East
Imported oil source distribution

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