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• terms that may adjust the contractual coupon rate, including variable rate features;
• prepayment and extension features; and
• terms that limit the Company’s claim to cash flows from specified assets (e.g. non-recourse features).
at amortized cost (including cash and cash equivalents, amortized costs, accounts receivable,
FVOCI, accounts receivable measured at FVOCI and contract assets.
The Company measures loss allowances at an amount equal to lifetime expected credit loss (ECL), except for the following which are measured as 12-month ECL:
• debt securities that are determined to have low credit risk at the reporting date; and
• other debt securities and bank balances for which credit risk (i.e. the risk of default occurring over
Loss allowance for trade receivables and contract assets are always measured at an amount equal to lifetime ECL.
Lifetime ECLs are the ECLs that result from all possible default events over the expected life of a
12-month ECLs are the portion of ECLs that result from default events that are possible within the 12 months after the reporting date (or a shorter period if the expected life of the instrument is less than 12 months).
The maximum period considered when estimating ECLs is the maximum contractual period over which the Group is exposed to credit risk.
When determining whether the credit risk of a financial asset has increased significantly since initial recognition and when estimating ECL, the Company considers reasonable and supportable information that is relevant and available without undue cost or effort. This includes both quantitative and qualitative information and analysis based on the Company’s historical experience and informed credit assessment as well as forward-looking information.
The Company considers a debt security to have low credit risk when its credit risk rating is
or higher per Standard & Poor’s, Baa3 or higher per Moody’s or twA or higher per Taiwan Ratings’.
ECLs are a probability-weighted estimate of credit losses. Credit losses are measured as the
• a breach of contract such as a default or being more than 90 days past due;
difficulty, having granted to the borrower a concession that the lender would not otherwise consider;
Loss allowances for financial assets measured at amortized cost are deducted from the gross
or loss and is recognized in other comprehensive income instead of reducing the carrying amount
loss, as an impairment gain or loss.

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