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    • Developing new biomaterials, including whitening and antimicrobial ingredients in cosmetics and medical products, to break into the retail market with cosmetics made from CPC-own materials.
• Establishing a CO2 Capture facility: Installed equipment for carbon capture trials and began performance tests.
Green Technology Research Institute
• Established a solar power operation center to manage the operation of more than 230 rooftop solar plants and to continue installing solar panels. CPC expects to reach an installation capacity of 25.055 MW by the end of 2023.
• Completed the stable process of manufacturing a 40138-type 1200F supercapacitor and the development of 48V modules, and ventured into developing anode materials for modified sodium-ion batteries.
• Established a field verification of high and low-temperature fuel cells for distributed power generation, and facilitated the installation of mobile hydrogen stations and a demonstration project for hydrogen-fueled vehicles.
• Developed low-cost and durable lithium titanate and its application as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries.
• Developed high voltage cobalt-free LNMO and its application as a cathode material for lithium- ion batteries.
• Used indoor seawater-recycling coral farming equipment to research the optimal conditions for coral cultivation and applied the results to the cold seawater drainage of LNG terminals for coral restoration.

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