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 36 Research and Development
 Research and Innovation for Business Transformation
Research and Development (R&D) is a core value for CPC’s technological innovation and corporate sustainability. There are three major institutes responsible for R&D in their respective areas: the Exploration &               Chiayi; and the Green Technology Research Institute (GTRI) in Kaohsiung.
The EDRI primarily evaluates oil and gas reserves by analyzing domestic and foreign geological/ stratigraphic data, technological developments in exploration, drilling and extraction methodology, environmental monitoring, geothermal resource development, and carbon sequestration. The RMRI plays a leading role in the R&D of high-value-added petrochemicals, promoting the circular economy, controlling pollution, improving refinery structure or configuration, and resolving on-site production problems. The GTRI is dedicated to R&D on biofuels, renewable energy, and green materials, and is responsible for pilot production on advanced projects. CPC’s expenditure on R&D in 2022 amounted to about NT$4.094 billion. The R&D achievements are described below.

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